Madison and Jack

Downtown Charleston Couples Photo session

A Look at Madison and Jacks Session

Charleston's summer weather can make you change your plans so fast. Our session was supposed to be at

6 PM and there was no way it was going to happen, according to the forecast. We switched to a morning session and the sprinkles stopped just as we were about to start!

There are so many places Charleston photographers will go but I absolutely love to go around the Pineapple fountain for a morning session! This is the best time to see the Pineapple fountain and snap some photos of it with no people around!

Jack had just flown in from Hawaii and had spent the entire previous day traveling to get to Charleston. This was his first time doing a photoshoot but you would never know that from these photos! I had so much fun photographing Madison and Jack! My style is capturing true emotion throughout our time together! I am not going to just stick a camera in your face and expect you to smile. I know there are only certain people who are able to do that and I know I am not one of them so why would I expect others to be able to do it!

About me

My name is Brandon and I am the owner of Brandon Allan Photography! I am based out of Charleston, South Carolina! My goal in photography is to help capture your memories for years to come!

I moved to Charleston in June of 2020, yup right in the middle of covid. It made for an interesting time to uproot my life but it was for the best! I originally moved here to coach football but after a year I decided to make a change and became a teacher and got to start my business and I haven't looked back since!

I have met so many great people who either are visiting Charleston and looking for a photographer or people who live here who are trying to update some photos and just create some memories! Again that is my goal with photography is to capture your memories!