My 4 go-to posing prompts for couples

Alright, so you want to know what a couples session might look like when you book with me or you are a photographer looking for some new prompts to use! Well, either way welcome! My name is Brandon and I am the owner of Brandon Allan Photography located in Charleston, South Carolina! I absolutely love to shoot couples for engagements, weddings or any situation really. It wasn't always like that though. I never knew what to do with people's hands or how to position them to capture the true emotion that I wanted to show in my photos. Then I came across some different prompts and decided to use those. It made things so much easier for me and had my couples enjoy the sessions a lot more! It also got rid of the dreaded "what do I do with my hands" question that everyone is always worried about!

#1 Drunk walk

This is one of my favorite ways to get the session started! It really helps for those that have never been in front of the camera before or are shy in front of the camera! You will have one partner but their arm over their partner and are going to act as if they are drunk and their partner now has to hold them up as they walk toward you! This is also a great chance to see how much your couple is going to get into your prompts. They will be as excited as the energy you give off! I use this in all of my sessions in Charleston and my couples love it!

Posing Prompts for couples Charleston Photographer

#2 Airplane + hug

Another go-to is the airplane into a tight hug! Both people will put their arms out and interlock fingers. Begin to move your arms like and airplane and after a few times prompt them to go into a tight bear hug! Another version of this is to have the person behind control their partner like a puppet and make them dance with their arms! You will get some great reactions from this!

Posing Prompts for couples Charleston Photographer

#3 Rapid Fire Kisses

Rapid fire kisses can be really fun! There is a few things to make sure of when you are doing it. I have my couples stand one behind the other and they are going to kiss the check of the person in front of them! Once they do it once they are going to flip to the other side and go back and forth speeding up as it goes. With this make sure to tell the person in front to look back at their partner and to try to keep their eyes open as they are doing it as best as possible! Let the rest just happen!

Posing Prompts for couples Charleston Photographer

#4 Whisper your grocery list - In your sexiest voice

Alright here is a funny one. You are going to have the guy whisper his grocery list in his partner's ear and it will be in his sexiest voice or you can do batman voice whichever you please. Now a lot of times the guy struggles coming up with what is on the grocery list and it just makes it funnier to hear what they come up with!

Posing Prompts for couples Charleston Photographer


My name is Brandon and I am the owner of Brandon Allan Photography! I am based out of Charleston, South Carolina! My goal in photography is to help capture your memories for years to come!

I moved to Charleston in June of 2020, yup right in the middle of covid. It made for an interesting time to uproot my life but it was for the best! I originally moved here to coach football but after a year I decided to make a change and became a teacher and got to start my business and I haven't looked back since!