As a Charleston engagement photographer, I've had the pleasure of capturing some truly special moments for my clients. But Kyle's proposal to Jackie at Pitt Street Bridge was one for the books. From the picturesque backdrop of the bridge to the genuine love and emotion between the couple, this was a shoot that I'll never forget.

Kyle had contacted me weeks before the proposal, and we had discussed all the details. He had chosen Pitt Street Bridge as the perfect spot for his proposal. The bridge has long been a favorite spot for couples in Charleston, with its sweeping views of the water and charming rustic walkways.

On the day of the proposal, we met up beforehand while Kyle was supposed to be looking for houses. I always love finding out what the "white lie" is that the guy uses to get away for a bit for the proposal! But this one worked out perfectly!

Jackie was supposed to be going to dinner with some friends but since they were "running late" they just dropped her off at Pitt Street Bridge pushing her out of the car where Kyle was waiting for her! If you know Pitt Street Bridge there aren't many places to hide so I was trying to hide out behind a few trees but Jackie knew what she was there for! As Kyle started to slow down she tossed her purse to the side and the excitement started to show!

The happiness radiated from both of them and we got some great shots at sunset right after the proposal! The stunning views of the water provided the perfect backdrop for some truly breathtaking shots.

As a Charleston engagement photographer, it's always a thrill to capture these special moments for my clients. And Kyle's proposal to Jackie at Pitt Street Bridge was one of the most heartwarming and romantic shoots I've ever done. I'm grateful to have been a part of their special day, and I wish them all the happiness in the world as they start their journey together.