A wedding is not simply the most significant occasion in a person's life, but for the new couple, the images themselves become priceless memories.

The Charleston wedding photography checklist is undoubtedly the most important item on your mind if you are tying the knot in Charleston and your wedding is around the corner.

Events on the wedding day occasionally fall behind schedule or encounter a few unanticipated hiccups.

Undoubtedly, you must be ready to work and up for the challenge. A full-proof wedding photography checklist is just what you need, in addition to attention, spontaneity, and a good night's sleep, to ensure that you don't miss out on the important moments and details that form the bridal couple's most treasured day.

We've got you covered, so don't worry!

Are you prepared to begin working through your wedding picture session checklist now? These are a few of our favorite Charleston wedding photography concepts:

Ideas for Pre Wedding Photography Charleston SC

Every couple must decide whether to have a first look before creating their photographic strategy. This significant decision is the first of many that must be made. There are several benefits and drawbacks to think about.

Pros: You can shoot the majority of your images before the wedding, giving you more time to spend with your guests at the reception, and your photographer can capture a particular, private moment between you and your spouse.

Cons: A few couples choose to meet for the first time after walking down the aisle in front of their loved ones. But bear in mind that you'll need to allot time for wedding pictures during the cocktail hour or reception if you decide on a first look.

Before your big day, consider the following must-know pre wedding photography tips to help you organize your overall strategy, vision, and schedule:

Consider These Situations Before Getting Ready

Work with your photographer to acquire some pre-ceremony, getting-ready images of you putting on anything that has significance, such as a family heirloom, while you prepare for your wedding photography ideas. The morning of your wedding can provide some of your most treasured photographs, so be sure to check over the more picturesque spots to figure out where you should place your photographer.

Make Use of the Charleston SC Natural Background for Your Setting

It's sometimes preferable to let nature speak for itself. Choose the most scenic background at your venue to use as the backdrop for your first look photos.


Search for Natural Frames

Let the venue's architecture or natural setting serve as the backdrop for your unguarded first encounter.


Choose Where to Display Art

Try doing a venue tour with your photographer before the wedding day to identify any locations with paintings or murals for creative first looks and artistic photos.


Consider a Different Path

Search for distinctive eateries or stores that reflect both the personality of your area and your unique pairing style.


Provide Enough Time for Formal Portraits

Make sure you prioritize all of the formal photographs you intend to take with your photographer on the day of the wedding while dealing with all the other necessary stuff to handle.


Ideas for Portrait Wedding Photos

You want to feel and appear as natural as you can since these are the pictures you'll end up framing for decades, but that's not always simple. It's very reasonable to feel a little awkward in front of the camera or uncertain about your posture. See photographs from various weddings and consider the style you desire for your own. To ensure you have everything you want on your special day, discuss your ideas for wedding photography poses with your trusted Charleston wedding photographer. Make sure to choose a photographer that is at ease and provides you with guidance if you think you'll need it.

Include Items That Reflect Your Personality as a Couple

Documenting items that speak to who you are as a couple in your day-of photographs is a terrific way to show off your relationship style, whether it's a game cap or a cowboy hat.

The Magic of Outdoor Charleston SC Photography

Planning how to make the most of natural light and the golden hour for your outdoor wedding photography in Charleston SC is crucial. You've probably heard of these essential factors in connection to capturing any shot. Your Charleston wedding photographer can help you plan your picture list and timetable to take advantage of the optimum sunshine hours depending on the scheduling of your wedding. The portraits, candid shots, and other pictures you and your spouse desire may then be captured using the greatest outdoor wedding photography ideas.


Look for Architectural Highlights

There are other ways to highlight the distinctiveness of your city and location besides using a skyline background. Collaborate with your photographer to showcase the architectural highlights of your site. Don't underestimate the power of a lack of natural light; embrace all times of the day. City lights can represent some of your city's most memorable moments.


Present Seasonal Components

Every season brings with it a special natural feature that may enhance your wedding day.


Take It to the Streets

Working with your photographer to plan a secure portrait session on your city's street grid is one approach to truly reflect your preferred metropolis. Early morning picture sessions are occasionally the best to escape the busy traffic.


Shoot Pictures of Your Wedding Party Outside

Your wedding party photos are just as crucial as other Charleston wedding photography. With your bridesmaids and guys, think about heading outdoors to capture the scenery around the venue. Your Charleston wedding photographer should be able to capture the spirit of your location by making the most of the natural light and surroundings.


Use Well-Known Landmarks

If you're getting married in a big city like Charleston with plenty of famous sites, think about using one of them as the background for your wedding day photos.


Make Use of Props

Your large group shots will have a lively and organic vibe if you use props to add movement to the pictures.


Some More Suggestions

There are so many wonderful suggestions for Charleston wedding photography, and occasionally, it's all about the unique touches. There are so many different angles, stances, and other things to do to capture every event that might happen on a perfect day.


Think of the Most Beautiful Setups

Choose a location for your guest gathering spaces that highlight the gorgeous aspect of your venue, such as your cocktail hour bar or an interactive station during your reception.


Keep the Details in Mind

Don't undervalue the ability of your decor to create an atmosphere, especially if the picturesque background of your venue serves as the major attraction.



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There is no script to follow in planning your wedding day photography. Consider Brandon Allan Photography to capture your big day and see the masters at work! We can't wait to hear from you.